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Why choose Xuanyang Hydropower

9 Years Focused on High-Quality Environmental Test Equipment R & D, Manufacturing, Strong, and have the propection!
Witness of many customer cases!


Complete services are worth choosing

20 Years Experience, Streangth is guaranteed
  • Free consultation service for water and electricity installation
  • Free construction site survey
  • Provide solutions for free

More than 10 years of focusing on hydropower transformation and installation,

Engineering warranty for 2 to 5 years

International Standards, Quality is guaranteed
  • Xuanyang Hydropower is one of the professional hydropower installation companies in the Southwest region
  • More than 10 years of construction Jingjing,Business spreads all walks of life,Such as a plant、School、Shopping Mall、Hospital、Various venues、High -rise buildings and other fields
  • 2 -year to 5 -year ultra -long engineering warranty,The holding rate of holding a certificate is 80%

Standardized service process, care after hydropower engineering

Non-Standard Personality Customization
  • Before construction: According to different buildings,Develop a scientific and reliable construction plan
  • During Construction: Establish a customer file (Construction Panorama、Node、Base face take photos),Project manager at layer to check every key point
  • After construction: Regular return visit,7x24 hours to provide customers with after -sales service


Process from receiving order to construction

  • Telephone consultation

  • On -site survey

  • Design solution

  • Budget quotation

  • Sign the contract

  • Completion of construction

  • Maintenance after -sales

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Who Has Qualify for Euro 2024 is a professional hydropower installation company,Mainly -owned Chongqing Factory Hydropower Installation,Chongqing School Hydropower Transformation,Power Electric Installation,Chongqing Lighting Electric Installation,Weak power installation,Chongqing's installation of water pipe pipes,Installation of drainage pipes,Chongqing sewage pipeline installation and other various hydropower engineering installation and reconstruction! Who Has Qualify for Euro 2024 owns all kinds of backbone personnel,Reserve a large number of technical workers,Understand Chongqing Hydropower Installation Price,Welcome to inquire! Who Has Qualify for Euro 2024 is located in the Erlang High -tech Zone of Kowloon Po,It was established in 2009 for Chongqing Xuanyang Building Material Company,The development of the company and the needs of business,From 2013 to WHO Has Qualify for Euro 2024,Company professional engaged in plant、School、Hotel、Shopping Mall、Hydropower installation of high -rise buildings 、Pipeline installation 、Central Air Conditioning、Ventilation system design、Installation and modification、Professional installation enterprises that are integrated and maintenance。
     The company firmly takes quality as the weight、The purpose of the service -led is the majority of users, factories and mines、Unit's hydropower unblocked escort,Xuanyang has been committed to the installation of hydropower for many years,In continuous improvement and improvement, the company's rules and regulations,Standardized construction,The accounting rate is more than 80%...
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