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Chongqing Hydropower Transformation Weak Electricity System Construction Technology Requirements

Source:Hydropower Installation Company & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Release time: 2019-08-22

1. The phone must be placed on a special attack wire tube phone。It cannot be mixed with other cables。


  2,TV cable TV cable must meet its required shaft cable (wide frequency 7.5Li,and not allowed additional,Wiring network wire curvature radius & gt;


O = 8D (R is 64mm).


  3,TV line TV lines are strictly prohibited from using an electronic tube with network cable。


4. It is strictly forbidden to put it on the same pipe,Don't connect to the same wiring box。


  5,The space between strong cables and weak cables must be greater than 15 mm。 Phone line,TV line and other signal cables cannot be connected to the cable。


6. Installation of less than four terminals,Must use a frequency division (distributor)。The allocation must be installed in a large 120 TV box (TV box),to reduce the loss of the level signal,At the same time, it is easy to maintain。


7. Perform the power increase experiments to verify that the operating status of all electrical components is normal。


8. The length of the sound retention of the sound line is convenient for subsequent changes (must be kept 1 meter distance and protected)。


9. After finishing,Electrician drawing circuit diagram (electrical layout diagram,System Figure)。


10. Electrician must be equipped with a certificate and equipped with standard electric tools。


11. Electrician should wear insulation shoes when working。They must be operated by two or more people。It is strictly forbidden to wear work shorts and civilized construction。