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After the waterway is installed, pay attention to check whether the waterway from all over the world

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& emsp;& emsp; Hydropower installation is a very important item in the family,It will involve a lot of problems。After all,Our life is inseparable from hydropower。These two are the main sources of our survival,belongs to the concealed project。We cannot underestimate the safety of home decoration。Digging from the beginning to the latter wiring、Inspection and acceptance is very important,But we should also consider our needs,For example, where the water pipe needs hot water,Where is it,Do you need positioning, etc.,and whether the pressure pressure is sufficient。Next,We will introduce the hydropower installation process and related precautions。
& emsp; & emsp; 1, pipeline groove
& emsp; & emsp; when installing hydropower,First of all, the pipeline groove。Pipe grooves include two aspects: one is the water pipe slot,The second is the wire slot。Pipeline groove,The owner can personally check the quality at the scene,Make sure that the horizontal line and vertical line pop up before the slot,Construction of the line。
& emsp; & emsp; 2, water pipeline installation
& emsp; & emsp; water pipe installation in water and electricity installation is very important,Water pipe materials are mostly PPR pipes、Aluminum Plastic Tube,Water pipe installation should also pay attention to the placement of the faucet,The owner personally supervises and observe,Make sure the practicality。
& emsp; & emsp; 3, wire wiring
& emsp; & emsp; wire is a key material for hydropower installation。The common wires common on the market have copper core wires above 2.5-6 square meters。When the wire is installed,Strong and weak electricity、Switch、Air conditioning socket、Electric sockets should be wiring separately,Make the latter panel more flat。
& emsp; & emsp; 4. Water pipe inspection
& emsp; & emsp; after the construction is completed,You must carefully check whether the water pipe has quality problems,Eliminate the hidden dangers of waterway。During inspection,Pressure method,First of all gambling gambling,Try water with a pressure gauge。After suppression,Check all pipes and joints。If there is no leakage,Explain that the installation of the water pipe is qualified。
& emsp; & emsp; What should I pay attention to when installation of water and electricity?
& emsp; & emsp; 1、When designing water circuit,First of all, consider all water -related equipment,Such as a water heater、Water purifier、washing machine、bathroom、Washing pots, etc.,Consider the installation location、Method and whether it needs hot water。
& emsp; & emsp; 2、In addition to the washbasin、Pier Pond、Outside the water outlet of clothing machine,** also installed faucet,Convenient to connect to the ground。
& emsp; & emsp; 3、Pressure test ** There is property present,Can play a supervisory role,Avoid some decoration team deceive the owner。The pressing method is: open the "water return valve" of the suppression pump to form a circuit,See if there is pressure in the pipeline,Especially electric pressurization pump,Pay more attention。
& emsp; & emsp; 4、After the waterway is installed, pay attention to check whether the waterway from all over the world,Such as a kitchen、bathroom、Whether each drainage outlet of the faucet such as the balcony is unblocked。If you find that the drainage is slow or the drainage is not smooth,It should be dredged in time。
& emsp; & emsp; circuit construction specification
& emsp; & emsp; 1.
& emsp; & emsp; wire color division is basic,Otherwise, it will cause hidden dangers of the circuit,Blue is a zero line,Red is a line of fire,yellow or yellow -green is the ground line。
& emsp; & emsp; 2, line diameter
& emsp; & emsp; ordinary sockets use 2.5 square millimeter wire,Kitchen、Cabinet air conditioner uses a 4 -square millimeter wire,Lighting uses a 1.5 square millimeter wire。
& emsp; & emsp; 3. Use the lock mother
& emsp; & emsp; use the lock mother during the wiring,Avoid the distance between the bottom box and the line tube,Otherwise, the route will be fixed after sealing,Unable to drive the line in the later period。
& emsp; & emsp; 4, line tube slot depth
& emsp; & emsp; line tube diameter is generally 1.6 cm,and the line tank depth deeper than the pipe diameter 1.2 cm。
& emsp; & emsp; 5、The steel bar in the load -bearing wall cannot be cut off
& emsp; & emsp; the horizontal groove on the bearing wall must not exceed 1 meter,Can't cut off when encountering steel bars,Otherwise, it will affect the safety of the housing structure。
& emsp; & emsp; 6, wire connector
& emsp; & emsp; wire connector is not good,Excessive resistance、Disglement and other questions,Terminal connection can be used、Extended connection、branch connection、Multi -core soft line and single copper wire connection and other methods。
& emsp; & emsp; 7, tangled tape
& emsp; & emsp; the insulation resistance value of the wrapped tape should reach 80%of the original default skin。Note that the angle of the wire does not exceed 45 degrees。Half of the tape should overlap,Three times back and forth,Insulation skin should cover 3-4 cm。