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Lighting Energy -saving Installation
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Lighting energy -saving transformation and installation

Chongqing Xuanyang Hydropower Company specializing in plant、School、Hotel、Mall、High -rise buildings and other lighting energy -saving design and transformation、Maintenance and maintenance。Lighting energy -saving design and reconstruction Tel: 15215070552

Lighting energy savingReform method
1. LeD energy -saving transformation refers to the traditional lighting product of the previous tradition,such as shopping mall、Supermarket、Factory、Community、Road、Building、Industrial Zone、The first generation of incandescent lamps in the production line、Second -generation fluorescent lamp、Third -generation energy -saving lights and other traditional lighting sources replaced with fourth -generation LED light source lighting; to reach the effect of saving power。
2. Energy -saving reconstruction of injection molding machine is a way of renovation of energy saving by high energy consumption for injection molding machines。The significance of energy -saving transformation of injection molding machine: In order to achieve energy saving,The transformation of the injection molding machine has been since the injection molding machine in the 1980s,Energy saving of injection molding machines is always the most important thing in the plastic machinery industry。
3. Energy -saving transformation of architecture,refers to the surrounding structure of existing buildings that do not meet the energy conservation standards of civil buildings、Heating system、Heating and Refrigeration System、Lighting equipment and hot water supply facilities to implement energy -saving renovation activities。
4. Industrial boiler energy saving transformation technology,It can improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler,It can make the boiler's thermal efficiency of 70%-80%,Can be saved 10%-15%。The basic principle is to put high -tech material technology、Burning technology and comprehensive boiler comprehensive technology are organically combined,Through a series of physics、Chemical changes,Make the combustion coal reaches the combustion,Full Burn,A brand new combustion method completely burning。This technology has been recognized by the country and users。

Chongqing Xuanyang Hydropower Company specializing in plant、School、Hotel、Mall、High -rise buildingsetc.Lighting energy saving designReconstruction, maintenance and maintenance.Lighting energy saving designReconstructionTel: 15215070552

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