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Special processing process at the bending angle of the pipeline, the intersection of the strong and weak electricity

Source:www.xysd023.com & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Release time: 2024-01-06
& emsp;& emsp; Hydropower in the decoration is a hidden project。If the quality is not qualified,It will bring a lot of trouble to our future life。The master of the decoration tells me,The details below must pay close attention。
& emsp; & emsp; 1. The distance between the hot and cold water pipe should be greater than 15 cm。
& emsp; & emsp; 2. The water road is below,The circuit is above,Avoid the circuit when avoiding water pipes。
& emsp; & emsp; 3. After laying the water pipe,Pressure test should be performed,Check whether the performance of the water pipe seal is tight。
& emsp; & emsp; 4. Install the S -type anti -odor curve under the basin,Prevent odor to float。
& emsp; & emsp; 5. After the kitchen and bathroom floor tiles are paved,Should be stored in water,See if the drainage of the floor drain is smooth。
& emsp; & emsp; 6. The lighting line adopts 1.5 square line,The socket uses 2.5 square line,Big power appliances use 4 square lines,Such as a kitchen、bathroom、​​Each air conditioner should walk separately。
& emsp; & emsp; 7. The air switch is not bigger and better,The limit is great,Small quota is easy to stick out。
& emsp; & emsp; 8. One wire tube penetration is controlled within three,Preventing the poor heat dissipation of the wires and causing hidden dangers。
& emsp; & emsp; 9. Wall hanging TV,Hurrying a 50pvc line tube after the background wall,can hide network cables and wires。
& emsp; & emsp; circuit construction steps
& emsp; & emsp; one step: bomb line
& emsp; & emsp; bomb lines are divided into horizontal lines and pipelines。The purpose of the horizontal line is to install all switches and sockets on the same horizontal line,Convenient wiring,More beautiful; the direction line is to make the line horizontally vertically,More neat,Easy to maintain and check in the future,Avoid the latter damaged lines in the later period。
& emsp; & emsp; two steps: slot
& emsp; & emsp; slot along the bomb line,Generally use machine,can better guarantee the level of the wire slot、Vertical、Smooth,slot depth is not less than 25mm。
& emsp; & emsp; three steps: embedded bottom box and bottom box repair
& emsp; & emsp; after slotting,embedding the bottom box,The horizontal deviation between the bottom box is not greater than 5mm。
& emsp; & emsp; after the bottom box is buried,Fix the gaps around,Fixed bottom box,Clean the inside of the bottom box。
& emsp; & emsp; four steps: fixed buckle
& emsp; & emsp; fixed buckle,After fixing the electric pipe,Make it not suitable for falling off。
& emsp; & emsp; five steps: tube wiring
& emsp; & emsp;,Line tube requires horizontal vertical arrangement,Aesthetic,It is convenient to find the position according to the circuit direction diagram,Convenient to maintain it later,Avoid accidentally damaging the pipeline in the future。During the arrangement of the wire,The interval between strong and weak electricity should be greater than 15cm,To avoid magnetic field interference。Special processing process at the bending angle of the pipeline, the intersection of the strong and weak electricity,Special craftsmanship in the wiring head。
& emsp; & emsp; control the curved angle of the corner of the wire tube> 90 °,This can reduce power,Make sure that the wires are upgraded or problematic in the future,It can be more convenient to take out and replace。
& emsp; & emsp;,You need to use a galvanized shielding tube,It plays the role of shielding interference。(Strong electricity: generally refers to household power cords; weak electricity: refers to the width width line、Phone line、Cable TV Line、Sumulator Line。)