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The arrangement of the cable TV line should be paid attention to the following points

Source:www.xysd023.com & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Release time: 2024-03-28
& emsp;& emsp; new house decoration,One step we consider is hydropower transformation,But where the transformation,Many owners and friends may not understand,Explain to you。
& emsp; & emsp; in recent years,Most of the switch sockets of the new house are more reserved,The workload of hydropower transformation is not very large,It is mainly places where the original building of the developer is reserved with unreasonable places,plus your own personalized demand part is all the work of hydropower transformation。The following is the division of the indoor function area,Interpretation of the content of hydropower transformation。
& emsp; & emsp; 1、Kitchen-Kitchen plus induction cooker、rice cooker、Soymilk Machine、microwave oven、Water heater、Garbage crusher、range hood、Water purifier、Kitchen Treasure、Wall -mounted furnace、refrigerator、Disinfection cabinet、gas water heater、Background Music speakers、Electric sockets such as tuning switch and reserved water outlets。
& emsp; & emsp; 2、bathroom-the bathroom mainly includes Yuba、Shower、Mask、Mot Pond、washing machine、Mirror front light、Automatic toilet or ordinary toilet、Lighting、Electric water heater、hair dryer and water、Background music speakers and tuning switches。
& emsp; & emsp; 3、living room-telephone、Net cable、TV and TV background wall socket、Background Music Host and Toring。Water dispenser socket。dry shoe socket、Various lighting lights in the ceiling、Air conditioning socket、Switch position。
& emsp; & emsp; 4、bedroom-telephone、Wall -mounted TV、Net cable、dual control switch、Air conditioner、bedside lamp、Wall lamp、bedside socket、Background Music speakers、Tuning switch, etc.。
& emsp; & emsp; What is weak electricity? telephone line、Network Line、Cable TV Line、Audio line is called weak wire。With the intelligentization of family life,The preset of the weak electric line cannot be ignored。
& emsp; & emsp; in home decoration,Phone line、Network Line、The arrangement of the cable TV line should be paid attention to the following points:
& emsp; & emsp; 1. Avoid strong electric wires: weak electric signal is low voltage signal,Poor anti -interference performance,The ground wire of the weak wire should be avoided (power cord)。According to national standards,power cord、socket and TV line、The horizontal spacing between the sockets must not be less than 50 cm。
& emsp; & emsp; 2. Pay attention to moisture -proof: about 30 cm from the ground from the ground。Generally speaking,These weak wires are usually wiring on the roof or floor,So for moisture preventing and replacement convenience,These lines should increase firm sleeves,Check whether the route has a disconnection or short circuit。
& emsp; & emsp; 3. Reserve enough jack: Considering the development and needs of family life,General living room and each bedroom shall be reserved with 1 or 2 telephone lines、network line and cable TV line jack,and distributed on different walls,To change the position of the electrical appliance。The bathroom and the kitchen can also consider whether to reserve the phone jack,The restaurant can also consider whether to reserve the TV line jack,so as to watch TV during meals。