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Preparations before the reconstruction of water and electricity reconstruction of household hydropower

Source:www.xysd023.com & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Release time: 2024-04-11
& emsp;& emsp; new house decoration,For the convenience of use,We all need to transform water and electricity,Share some small knowledge of water renovation with you。
& emsp; & emsp; First of all: distinguish left heat and right cold,Pressure test after construction,Sign quality assurance card,Drawing drawing drawings。
& emsp; & emsp; second,What needs to be reminded is,Some community load -bearing wall steel bars are thicker,Can't cut off the steel bars (affecting room quality),Only open shallow (brick needs to be thickened) or open tube。Our hydropower heating worker operation technical specifications,The slot will not leave a connector,I will not have a chance to leak,But do not brush waterproof or choose by the owner themselves。
& emsp; & emsp; If the owner changes water,He may consider adding something that needs water in the later period,Then we can reserve more than 1 or more according to your requirements、Two outlets,When needed,Install the faucet。
& emsp; & emsp; Remember to plan the overall layout before starting,To avoid errors when communicating with the construction staff。Our water、electric、Warm construction is generally performed by conventional,Therefore, there are special requirements to explain to the construction staff in advance。
& emsp; & emsp; home hydropower renovation waterway preparation work:
& emsp; & emsp; 1、Apply for the decoration start certificate。
& emsp; & emsp; 2、Do a closed water test,Under the acceptance of the property。If you find the problem of leakage,You can find a property to solve it。If you do not take a test in the future,The property will believe that the owner's decoration damage the waterproof layer (in fact, it may be the problem of the building itself),Responsibility is not easy to be clear。
& emsp; & emsp; 3、Consider the installation location of all places that need to be out of water。For example,Kitchen usually needs hot water,This location discusses the installation location of the cabinet with cabinets,Then we reserve the outlet for you according to the location of the vegetable basin! The same is true of toilets,Pot,Shower (bath) Where is placed,You must consider。other,Some owners need to install a soft water machine、Little Kitchen Treasure, etc.,You must explain to the worker in advance,and washing machine、The position of the mop pool。
& emsp; & emsp; 4、Our construction has a professional specification "Go to the top,Can't open the horizontal "。
& emsp; & emsp; 1) Because there are more underground buried pipes,The ground itself is very unsafe,If the underground pipe is damaged, it will be very troublesome! If the ground,During the later decoration process,If the electric drill damage the water pipe,Affect safety
& emsp; & emsp; 2) When the bathroom is introduced on the top of the water pipe,Where you need to get out of the water,Open the vertical slot,To the right height,Reserved shower、Pot、washing machine and other outlets。The advantage of doing this is,When the brick is completed,You can judge the direction of the water pipe according to the location of the outlet。All the water pipes are perpendicular to the outlet,To avoid water pipes from being damaged for any reason。
& emsp; & emsp; 3) Do not open the horizontal groove in the process of waterway decoration! Because the open horizontal slot will severely destroy the structure of the wall。If each family opens a horizontal slot,The danger of the house after a few years is unimaginable!