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Hydropower transformation of home decoration is a very important project

Source:www.xysd023.com & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Release time: 2024-04-18
& emsp;& emsp; Hydropower renovation of home decoration is a very important project,It is also a hidden project,May be a hidden danger item,So now our technical department's basic knowledge of home renovation renovation circuit will give you a simple guidance,I hope to help you a certain help。
& emsp; & emsp; How to choose a wire
& emsp; & emsp;,According to the traditional situation,The wires within 2000 watts use 2.5 square millimeter wire diameter,The wires above 2000 watt are used for 4 square millimeters,The wires above 7000 watts need not only need to run alone,It also needs 6 square millimeter line diameter。Under normal circumstances,Circuit is divided into three ways。Lighting routes and socket lines use 2.5 square millimeter wire diameter,The air -conditioned line uses a 4 -square millimeter wire diameter。
& emsp; & emsp; but,There will also be special circumstances,This requires the owner to fully understand what the electrical products they use,How big is the power,Then make a decision,Then make a decision。The representative is the kitchen and bathroom。For example,Bathroom generally uses a 2.5 square millimeter diameter wire,But if the owner uses 8000 watts of real -time heating electric water heater,The bathroom must use a 6 -square millimeter diameter wire。The power consumption of the kitchen is also very large,The owner needs to understand the electric oven、refrigerator、Microwave oven、The total power consumption of electrical appliances such as disinfectionrs,Then carry out circuit transformation。If the total power exceeds 7000 watts,The kitchen also needs to take a route,and use a 6 -square millimeter diameter wire。
& emsp; & emsp; In addition to comprehensively understanding the electricity consumption of the appliances used at home,The owner also needs to plan the transformation location and the use of home appliances。"For example,Must be determined、Light and phone location,Otherwise, the socket is easily blocked by the furniture or no socket,Bringing inconvenience to use。”
& emsp; & emsp; as for hydropower transformation,Many owners are worried that they will be maliciously winding。It is understood,Formal decoration companies have common practices in hydropower transformation,For example, horizontal vertical wiring,Go along the wall,Keep 30 cm from the wall,If you have a turn, you have to take a right corner。
& emsp; & emsp; in terms of circuit,To prevent signal interference。Strong and weak power separation,Strong and weak electric distance 50 cm。other,Circuit transformation should be above the waterway,Otherwise, the water pipe will leak water,There are hidden safety hazards on the circuit。Owners often have such questions: the straight line between two points is shorter,Why should you take a straight line in the past?
& emsp; & emsp; some practitioners explain the saying,Covenant bend,Although the transformation distance is very short,But because I don’t know where the pipeline is buried,In the future, the floor -to -floor or wooden door drilling of the indoor indoor can easily lead to damage to the pipeline,It is not easy if the pipeline needs to be maintained。