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Engineering case
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Chongqing City Public Security Bureau

Who Has Qualify for Euro 2024 is as follows: Chongqing Public Security Bureau South Second Floor Police Cultural Corridor Lighting System Reconstruction Project

Who Has Qualify for Euro 2024 is ChongqingThe installation project of the Lighting System of the Police Cultural Corridor Lighting System on the South Second Floor of the Municipal Public Security Bureau

Details of hydropower transformation are as follows:


Precautions for Hydropower Transformation of Chongqing
1. Home improvement secondary waterway renovation follows the principle of "water walking",Easy to maintain later maintenance,without significantly increased the height of the ground without affecting the height of the layer。
2. Family decoration Waterway reconstruction Common reference size data (the size is based on the non -processed wall data of the wall): The spacing of the cooling water pipe center of the shower mixed water pipe is 150mm,1000-1200mm from the ground; the height of the water inlet of the upper flip washing machine is 1200mm; the height of the water inlet height is equal to the net height-electric water height fixed distance top distance-electric water height diameter-200mm; waterplane basin height 450-550mm The distance between the toilet is 200mm,It is generally 250mm from the left to the center of the toilet; it is advisable to give the water mouth itself 200mm. Others are determined according to the product model..
3. Water transformation Strictly abide by the direction and positioning of design drawings for construction,During the practice process,Must be connected with related product manufacturers through the owner,Master different types of cabinet treasures、Clean Water Software、washing machine、Water basin、Bathing mixed water heater、The location and size of the water supply and drainage outlets required by the models and other models,Prevent operational errors cause related equipment that cannot be installed in the later stage。
4. Generally speaking,The direction of the water outlet,Right cold and left hot (except for special requirements for individual equipment).
5. Pipe cutting: The pipe is cut with a dedicated pipe,Tube -cut blade mount should be adjusted to matching the diameter of the cutting tube,Should be evenly worked when rotating and cutting,Broken tube should be vertical and flat without burrs.
6. PPR tube melt: PPR pipe uses hot -melt connection method the most reliable,High interface strength,Higher safety performance。Before connecting,The dust and foreign objects on the pipeline and attachments should be removed first。After the connection is complete,It is necessary to keep the tube and the pipes to maintain a sufficient cooling time to let go。
7.PPR、PB、PE and other different materials when hot -melt pipes are connected to each other,Must adopt a dedicated conversion joint or perform mechanical connection,Do not melt directly。
8. Fixing the top surface of the water pipe should be fixed with a metal suspension card,Straight fixed card spacing is generally ≤600mm。
9. Reconstruction of the drainage pipe of the second -hand house Note that the original metal pipe and the PVC pipe connection are specially processed,Preventing inappropriate treatment of water pipe leakage。
10. If there are conditions in the room, you should try to install the total control valve of the water pipe,It is convenient for future maintenance;,Keep the water meter after changing the level。
11. Detailed drawing records need to be issued after the reconstruction of the waterway

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